Firestone is a trademark and sub-brand of Bridgestone Corporation, represented by Bridgestone Europe NV/SA for the European region.

1. Policy with regard to the safeguarding of personal privacy.
You can access the Bridgestone Europe websites to consult information about our organisation, programmes and services, or to listen to or to watch certain programmes, without having to give your personal details. You will only be required to give your personal details if you wish to participate in votes or competitions, access certain services (such as specific information, reservation of admission tickets, participation in programmes, subscription to a newsletter...) or wish to use certain services of our website (such as participation in news groups and chat rooms). Each time you provide personal details, Bridgestone Europe will handle this information in accordance with the stipulations of this privacy policy and in accordance with the legal obligations with regard to the processing of personal details.

1.1 Confidential processing of personal details.
The personal details compiled by Bridgestone Europe will be stored in a protected file that is not accessible to the general public. This file can only be accessed by a limited number of Bridgestone Europe employees, who need this information for the performance of their duties. Personal details will only be processed for use within Bridgestone Europe or its subsidiaries.

1.2 Purpose of processing.
For user registration for certain services (such as access to and participation in programmes, newsletters, tests and simulations, etc.):
Bridgestone Europe processes the compiled personal details in order to establish contact with you and in order to ensure the provision of an optimal service. This data may also be used to inform you about news items and Bridgestone Europe events. If you do not wish to receive such information, you can inform Bridgestone Europe at
For user registration for certain website services (such as news groups and chat rooms)
Bridgestone Europe processes the compiled personal details in order to identify you and if necessary to establish contact with you. The data is stored no longer than necessary.
For competitions, contests, games, votes:
Bridgestone Europe processes the compiled personal details in order to establish contact with you. The data is stored no longer than necessary.
For direct marketing:
Bridgestone Europe or any other party that acts on Bridgestone Europe’s behalf or Bridgestone Europe’s subsidiaries shall only send you future offers, promotions or products from itself, its subsidiaries or from its independent dealers in case you have informed us that you want to receive said offers, promotions or products.

1.3 Authorisation of processing.
By providing your personal details and in case of direct marketing by asking us to send you offers, promotions or products, you give Bridgestone Europe express permission to process those details for the above-mentioned purposes. If Bridgestone Europe wishes to employ your details for other purposes or wishes to pass them on to other organisations or to other companies, then mentioned in this privacy policy, with which it is collaborating, then it will first request your express permission. You may refuse to grant this permission.

1.4 Right of inspection, correction and removal of personal details.
You have the right to inspect any data Bridgestone Europe has compiled about you and if necessary to correct or to revise any inaccurate or incomplete data. Moreover, you may at any time request that your personal details should be removed from Bridgestone Europe files. Requests should be made at

1.5 Use of Cookies.
We draw your attention to the fact that Bridgestone Europe also may proceed to automatic processing of data collection like cookies. Cookies are small fragments of information that we download and save on the hard disk of your computer. This information will be uploaded back to Bridgestone Europe every time you access a Bridgestone Europe website. This information verifies your identity, so that you can use the Bridgestone Europe websites in a more comfortable way. Furthermore it enables Bridgestone Europe to examine the use of its websites more closely and to gather statistical information through which we can optimize the website. You are free to program your browser to inform you each time such a cookie is downloaded or to obstruct the downloading of cookies.

1.6. Waiver.
Bridgestone Europe’s websites contain links to other websites, Bridgestone Europe has no control over these websites and therefore Bridgestone Europe waives all responsibility for privacy issues on these websites.